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I have a bone to pick with any company that has the audacity to stick their logo on my vehicle without asking for my consent.

Surly you know what I'm talking about. Or maybe you just haven't noticed because it doesn't bother you... but for sure, now you'll see it.

The next time you take your bike (or car) for a routine service - load your vehicle onto a ferry - or get your tyres changed..... you'll see it sticking out like a sore thumb. Either a sticker has been stuck to your bike, or they've had the gall to swap out your license plate frame with one that brandishes their logo, but there is something somewhere that says you were there.

You know what my problem is with that? I've just paid that company a boat-load of cash for a service (or tyre change, or ferry trip) & now I'm going to be doing their advertising for them for free? Nu uh. No way. Count me out.

Buddy, if you want me to ride around with YOUR logo on MY bike, then you can fucking well sponsor me. Or at least offer me a discount. I am not your free-advertising donkey. For all other advertising services out there, you pay. Am I right?

What I'm getting at, is, if you ask me nicely, you may find that I say "yes" because I'm genuinely happy with the service that I got & I'm happy to sing your praises. However if you have the balls to just brandish my bike with your offending logo & simply expect me to become a free billboard for you, no fucking way. Not to mention that I actually have to waste precious energy picking off your sticker & cleaning up all the remnants of glue.

Do you see what I'm getting at here? Once you actually sit down & realise that you're doing their job for them, it's suddenly not so cool.

I hear some of you say "But, you have other logos on your bike" or "Your clothing has a huge brand label on it." & yes, you would be correct on that (well, not the branded clothing bit), but my response is... that is my CHOICE. That is an effort I consciously made to support the company in question.

Rant over guys. Thanks for reading!

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