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cameras & headaches

It's become vastly clear that recording this year is going to cause a lot of anguish & grief.

Part of what I've always loved about the videos we make is the fact that we don't just focus on the road ahead, but rather I've always tried to shoot the scenery & architecture as we zoom by from place to place. Something that I won't have the luxury of doing now that I'm not sitting on the back of Panagiotis' bike any more.

Granted he's actually very skilled with all the camera equipment that we have & I rely on him heavily lately to provide us with decent footage. It just frustrates me to no end that I myself am not contributing as much as I used to. You see, I actually really loved being in control of the entire process from start to finish, & now I'm having to (reluctantly) relinquish the reigns. My inner control freak is going psychotic. That being said, I also deeply love having him as involved & invested in our videos as I am, & I'm always castle proud of him when he records stellar footage.

It's a catch-22...

Now if you're wondering why I am struggling with recording, I can answer that pretty simply. See, unlike the R1200GSA, my adorable little F650GS does not have a smooth boxer engine. In fact, quite the opposite. Also to add insult to injury, I have the old suspension system in my bike that just causes me to nose-dive onto the front forks, rather than that fancy bit of witchery that makes Panagiotis' bike look like it's frolicking from cloud to cloud in a nice, elegant, bobbing fashion. What I'm trying to say is, trying to mount a camera to my bike is a tricky sonofabitch because it shakes around like a motherfucker.... pardon my language.

After numerous tests though, I am finding that the higher up on my bike the placement of the camera is, the worse the shake. So if I mount is down low on my engine bars, the footage is actually quite tolerable. Of course I have to mount it directly ON the bars because any form of extension just exacerbates the situation & then I want to ram my head against a brick wall.

What I'm really trying to say is, I'm sorry in advance if our videos this summer seem shakier than usual... we will be doing our absolute best... & provided we haven't over scheduled ourselves to within an inch of our riding lives we're going to try & focus more on drone videos & maybe some campsite cooking ;)

Your patience is appreciated!

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