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what's in a name?

Do you know we get asked "Why Bikes & Baking?!?!?!" almost EVERY time we meet someone new? To me the name seems so self explanatory that I'm almost shocked, but the reality is very, very different.

Bikes & Baking vinyl logo decal on an F650GS BMW

You see, it's kind of an odd combination & I think it's time I come to terms with that. At the same time though, I also want to make myself clear... this was not a random decision.

The thing is, when I originally started the YouTube channel (which was a branch off my old blog) I had intended to only upload baking tutorials. I was (am) a chef & it seemed like a fantastic idea. Turns out, I'm not very good at making cooking videos, but that's another story altogether. Any way, then Panagiotis took off on a road trip shortly after & for shits & giggles I decided to film it to have a memory... & in turn make a video. Which I was so very eager to share with our family so I went right ahead & uploaded it to youtube.....

Now you may be wondering why I didn't just upload it to Panagiotis' youtube channel (he had kiteboarding videos up on his) & keep mine as a cooking one. Well, the truth is I'm a bit of an egotistical maniac & whilst it did make more sense, I wanted the credit for having recorded & edited the whole thing. & being that it was a bike video, I just didn't have the faith that people would make that distinction on their own unless I adamantly shoved it down their throats. I know I know... how very childish of me... but it's the dirty truth.

It turns out that I actually really enjoyed making bike videos... so I just kept doing them. By that point though, I needed to change the name of the channel & I wasn't really ready to give up my dreams of making cooking tutorials, so I needed to find a name that encompassed both aspects & wouldn't leave people saying "What the fuck?! I thought this was a baking (or biking) channel?!?!"

Clearly Bikes & Baking was my only logical solution.. It allowed me to simultaneously still claim to be a chef & post random stuff about cooking, & also making as many biker related videos as I wanted. Then I thought up the tagline "where sugar & spice meets rust & bikes"... & I fell in love with our new name.

For a little while, Panagiotis & I discussed changing it once again since it seemed that I had stopped using the channel for culinary purposes altogether... but then of course BMW started sharing the videos we had made of our tour through Europe & it was mutually decided that it would just be silly to change the whole thing & confuse people.

Also, whilst out for a ride I thought up our logo, fell in love with the cheesy idea & figured.... what the hell, at least our name is a little odd & different. So it all stuck. Now I just tell people that the biker & the pastry chef fell in love & that's how the channel name came about, & they seem to be comfortable with that short & sweet explanation.

So there you have it folks... The long winded reason why we sound so odd.

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