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my white whale

He likes to push. That man sees something in me that most of the times I don't even see in my self.

With out a doubt, every time I tell him where I'm struggling, he gets me on my bikes & puts me in the situation of having to confront my fears. I love him for it.

Since I got my bike, I've had this goal that I knew I would be ready for whatever if I could just conquer this one mountain in Athens. Parnetha mountain. The thing with it is, is it's a whole mess of tight, hairpin turns on a steep incline (& we all know how much I love those). I mean there are enough hairpins in there to fix up a brides' up-do before her wedding. & they are steep & exceptionally tight, & they make my stomach knot up. For months he hasn't dragged me there because he knew that deep down, until I had the front crash-bars on my bike installed, I wasn't mentally prepared for it. Now that I have them, I have no more excuses..... & he's dragged me up there twice in the span of two days.

You know what it did for me? It made me feel like a superhero. I didn't fall off. I didn't panic. I didn't cross over & out of my lane. I didn't slam on my brakes. I just rode the mountain like a rollercoaster. Like a champ. & at the end I even punched the sky & cheered. & he was so nonchalant about it all! I mean the audacity! Here I was in my moments, so unbelievably proud of myself, & he treated it like it was nothing. When I confronted him... which I obviously did because I'm an asshole like that... all he had to say was he knew I could do it because I've been doing tougher things for months. & he was right. I have. It's just some how, I had turned this mountain into my ultimate challenge & built it up as way more intimidating that it really was.

Like I said... I love this man.

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