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Naxos Adventure Rally

"If I can squeeze my feet into my boots, I'm going".

This was my mantra all last week. I was adamant that not only was I STILL going to go to the Naxos adventure rally, but that I was going to ride my own fucking bike to the event.

OK granted that once I got there I then sat shotgun in a car the rest of the time, only dusting off my bike to take it for coffee & dinner... but I got it there nonetheless.

You need a back story? The week before we were supposed to take off for the island, I managed to break four toes. Hey... I y'all knew I was a clumsy mess from way before. My dumbass thought it was a good idea to pretend to be a gymnast, & I ended up swinging like a pendulum with my full force onto the tips of my toes.

So yea... Panagiotis spent the rest of the week looking at me like I was retarded & questioning whether or not we should even bother going to the Rally at all.

He's lucky I'm as stubborn as a mule though, cause not only did we go, but we had the best time.

The thing I love about Rallies the most is the atmosphere. Everyone who shows up is already obsessed with their bikes. They treat the machines like they are an extension of themselves. They are ready for anything & they are enthusiastic. So we went, & Panagiotis pushed himself to his limits. He came home filthy, covered in sweat, stinking to high heaven, every muscle in his body aching.... & so happy he could keep going. Now tell me how that's a bad thing.

We owe the whole experience to Efthimis & the L.EM.ON biker club in Naxos. They put the whole thing together & I'm so glad they did.

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