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I find when I’ve spent too much time off my bike, I start getting withdrawal symptoms.

Absolutely everything in my life will be great, but regardless, I’ll start moping around the house looking miserable & lost. When questioned about my state, I’ll even say “I don’t know.”

It took me a while before I realised that just because nothing was wrong in my life, I was missing something. An integral part of me that just can’t be replaced.

We see it all the time. There are hundreds of messages out there all trying to get the point across…. That we’ve become a society of people who have started to value “things” more than people. & for as much as I think I’m not materialistic, when it comes to my bike I fall into that category.

The difference is, I don’t view my bike as a thing. To me, she’s this living entity that embodies my inner spirit & takes me places that feed my soul. She’s this extension of me & I love her. I’m not weird, I swear. It’s just that she symbolises a way of life that speaks to me.

The point I’m trying to make in a very long-winded way is, I needed the ride this weekend. More than anything.

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