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gear... & why you need it

I think it’s no secret to anyone who reads our blog that I’m clumsy.

I’m the kind of person who can trip standing up. Add in a bike, & I fall off all the time. Not to mention, I seem to be a magnet for bad drivers who have taken a liking to clipping the back of my bike with their cars… yes that’s right, I’ve been hit twice already.

So it should come as no surprise that I fell off again yesterday. In fairness, this wasn’t one of my silly mistakes. We went to cross one of the Korinthos Bridges…. one that spends half its time submerged under water, & guess what… the wood was slick. The bike started to slide & I lost all control. There was that split second where the bike & all its weight came down on the back of my ankle & I heard a crack & experienced intense pain. To my complete surprise, I was able to get up & walk around.

Why was that? Because I was wearing my FORMA boots. The ones my husband so lovingly bought me for Christmas two years ago. At the time I wasn’t quite sure how they were an appropriate gift for the holidays, but after having my bike come down on my foot twice in the last 3 months, I’m more in love with them now than I ever was.

By all accounts I should be in a cast, but Panagiotis has been teaching me the importance of gear from the day we met & I’m thankful that he has.

Everything I wear has been a gift from him, & through every fall, & every near miss, I’ve walked away with a smile still on my face.

Is my ankle currently bruised & swollen? Absolutely. Is it serious? Nope. One more… can you guess why????


If you haven’t had a fall or injured yourself riding, then you won’t understand what I’m saying. I would hate for it to come to that though, just because you’d rather look cool on your bike than being safe.

I’m just saying… there ain’t nothing sexy about road rash or a cast that smells like death & decay.

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