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a cookbook to get you through

In another life I was a chef. Actually, I was a pastry chef, turned chef…

Then I broke my foot & was permanently taken out of professional kitchens.

So instead I started baking from home. I focused on recipes that got us through the day, & in particular, ones that would be useful to us on the road.

Energy bars seemed to be the most valuable thing we could pack, food wise any way. I have several dietary restrictions which make eating on the go a nightmare, & we both try to eat healthy instead of gorging on whatever junk is nearest.

In the end I ended up with all these energy bar recipes & usually a couple kilos worth of the bars themselves packed into our luggage before we embarked on our way to whatever destination we had dreamt up.

Here are those recipes. I finally gathered them all up & put together a little ebook which I have available for sale on Apple iBooks Store & also on our shop here

& here’s the cover… you know, just to entice you a little

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