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autobahn & camp grounds

Germany is beautiful. Much of the country seems flat, which is appealing as it makes the sky look that much bigger. For 500km we rode under a beautiful blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds & I found myself profoundly impressed by the fact that we were going 120km & still being overtaken by all the locals. There’s an allure to the autobahn.

We made an attempt at going to see Dachau & pay our respects to the dead, but unfortunately didn’t get there till after closing time. Still, the glimpses we could see through the fence, & the photographs & information provided on the sign posts was still an experience in & of itself.

Here is my advice for the day. My pearls of wisdom if you will….

Months in advance, when you’re in the midst of mapping out your next big trip, taking notes of where you want to go, & making a list of all the camp sites in each area you plan on stopping for the night….. Call the camp sites.

Here is why I say this. If you intend to travel by bike like we do, you already know that everything essential is packed away on it. This means that leaving the bike unattended really isn’t an option, & taking everything off the bike each night when you’re already exhausted may be a bit on the overwhelming side. The camp site we found for tonight for example was absolutely gorgeous. The down side? We couldn’t bring the bikes in past the gate. Luckily for us, they were very helpful in assisting us to find another campground not to far away. Nice people. I would have loved to stay there, really, but not being able to bring the bike right next to the tent was a deal breaker for us.

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