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abandoned but not forgotten

We were trapped in the tent by an outburst of rain this morning. I can’t say it was unwelcome. To be honest, it forced us to just lay back & relax for another couple of hours. This isn’t to say I enjoyed packing up a wet tent, but by far that was the least of or troubles.

I think the real kicker today was missing out on Monaco completely. We just cut it out of the plan. It wasn’t like it was an easy decision, but after careful consideration it was necessary.

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow we got lost in the beauty of the western Italian coast & didn’t notice the ever thickening traffic. It was somewhere between the short detour up into the mountains to see the abandoned ghost town of Ballestrino & heading back to the coast that we got stuck in a bumper to bumper situation. What should have been a four hour day turned into 9 hours without so much as thinking twice. And to have kept Monaco in the program, it would have easily been another 2 hours on top of that. It wasn’t a decision that was made lightly. The truth is, we’re only three days into this trip & we can’t afford to be falling behind now. Missing the boat back to Patra isn’t an option.

All I’m saying on the matter is…. Should you see the western Italian coast? Absolutely. Should you factor in double the time? Most definitely.

At least we made it up into the Alps today. Granted it’s just the tip, but it’s a start.

As for Ballestrino… it was incredible. Granted you can’t actually go in & walk around what with the town being abandoned & all due to structural uncertainty… but that’s where the drone comes into play.

& yes… a gust of wind nearly made me crash the stupid thing on it’s first flight abroad… but that’s where the husband comes into play. Can’t say I’m hating the fact that he’s doing some of the recording. Actually, I’m kind of loving it.

Right, night night x

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