• Lauren-Nicole

mad dash to insanity

We stretched ourselves too thin. No one accounted for the possibility that the boat might be late to arrive, & on an already very tight schedule, we were screwed.

We blew through 550km in a fit of exhaustion & sweat. We traversed Italy from the east coast straight through to the west without ever really enjoying the scenery. We passed by major cities, & barely saw them.

And to add insult to injury, when we finally rolled up to the camp site at 22:00 exhausted & beaten, there was no more room. Factor in another 20km of unexpected route to the next closest grounds.

It was one of those moment where I knew we’d over shot the mark… & yet, I can’t say I hated it. I’ve never slept so fast or so well in a tent. I laid down thankful for my shower & miniature bottle of wine & let the exhaustion consume me. I didn’t even have time to contemplate the mind-boggling distance of having run from Ancona to Genova on one day, but we made it alive.

I know the boys were exhausted beyond all measure, but they were both champions.

Good night x

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