• Lauren-Nicole

sleeping through borders

Today was a catch 22. In one way, it was the easiest leg of the trip. Early rise, brief (210km) ride to Patra, & then sitting around for coffee whilst waiting for the boat to embark…. But just because something is physically easy, doesn’t mean it’s a mental breeze. Yes, our riding was over & done with in an instant… However sitting on a boat for 20+ hours becomes tedious after hour 1. The journey hasn’t really begun & we kind of feel suspended in animation. I’m not good at waiting around for the action to start. I’m so ready to be on the road experiencing new sights, & instead I’m staring at the back of a dirty, blue velvet chair. Albeit with a slight hint of anticipation & anxiety for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a push… Close to 600km… But exhausted or not I know I’m going to relish every second. Italy, we’re ready for you.

Good night x

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