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attack of the phantom(3)

I’ve never been into the remote controlled toys. Not my thing.

We’ve got this friend at the park who’s been through 4 quadcopter to date, & each time I’d desperately try to hide the fact that I thought he was nuts. Each one getting a little bigger & more expensive than the last, with the first three meeting untimely ends.

Then I saw a video that blew my mind. Biker video of course. Some kick-ass rider on an R100GSA being a total gangster (yes, I just said gangster). The way thing thing was shot I automatically made the assumption it had a ridiculously high budget & had employed the use of cranes or helicopters, or god knows what else a person could rent for a day with enough money. I lusted after it immediately. There may have even been the presence of drool on my keyboard. I wanted to make a video that amazing.

…then I saw in the description that the guy who made it was working with nothing more than a decent DSLR, a wide angle lens, a GoPro &, of course, the Phantom drone.

The first three were already on my shopping list. You know, the kind of list you make mentally a million times, write it down a few hundred, & repeat it like a mantra every time you slip a €2 euro coin into your piggy bank. The fourth, well, all of a sudden I yearned for something I’d never even thought twice about. I had to have it.

It wasn’t until we started perusing the used-sales-ads that we realised I’d accumulated just enough to get one second-hand. I mean, I had wanted to upgrade my DSLR first to something that could shoot video, but I still had a long way to go until I met the mark on that one. This used phantom was in our budget. Almost precisely. Fate? I think so.

So that’s the long & short of it. It’s how I quenched my thirst temporarily for new (used) kit. Let me just say this, that mother-effrr is hard to fly. Wait, let me restate. It’s hard to fly & record something decent. This first video is miles away from where I want to be, but it’s a start. Hopefully they’ll just improve from here on out.

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