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touratech & wunderlich add-ons

When we bought the bike, Panagiotis assured me that because he’d requested all the changes he wanted from BMW there wouldn’t be any additional parts bought for the first year. Well, he would buy the tank bag because he needed it, but that was going to be it.

It took less than a week before he started coming home with new parts. Sometimes he’d tell me before he went. Authorities I’d kind of find him in the garage… & then of course there were the times that nothing was said until I saw something was different on the bike.

Truth? I knew he couldn’t stick to his original statement. I’m sure he believed it completely when he said it… but I know this man. I know that deep down, he loves an excuse to break out the tool kit & work on his “other love”. It’s his thing. The same way he doesn’t get upset when I bring up camera equipment for the millionth time.

The thing is, if I show enough enthusiasm for the parts that he brings home & I’ve been a particularly good girl, he even lets me help instal them. There was one incident with the manifold guards where I kind of just took over the whole process & he sat pouting in the corner before eventually kicking me out of the garage, but I’ve learnt my lesson since then. Now when I’m invited to help I wait patiently until he lets me know how I can be useful. It’s hysterical, but I get it. When I try & take over, I’m essentially taking away his favourite hobby.

Anyway… this is everything we’ve added to the bike to date. I forgot to include the exhaust in the video… & we left out the side panniers & my little touratech top case, but other than that I think we’ve covered everything. The next addition to the bike will be some 50/50 tires so he can go refine & hone his skills at the off-road training school.

By the way, did I mention he’s let me ride the bike? I can’t remember if I’ve posted about this or not, but I told him I wanted to ride it & he’s encouraged me every step of the way. I know how to ride bikes, but I haven’t been on one in almost two years now & I have NEVER been on a bike this big. That’s true love right there folks…. I’ve ridden it twice now, bot times going around in circles in the parking lot. The second time I got up to second gear & practiced a bit of slalom. I’m pretty pleased with myself & he’s sure as hell proud of me too. It’s a great feeling.

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