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to new beginnings

Blogging isn’t a new concept for me… creating a site where all I talk about is bikes? That is. After all, what in the world do I even know about them?!

I’m not a mechanic. You could show me the engine & I couldn’t tell you what was what. I have no idea how to rebuild one. I’m not a collector. I’ve only ever owned one (well, one that was well & truly mine). & yet… well, apparently my life revolves around them these days.

It’s not a complaint. Far from it. Being on the bike is my favourite thing in the world… even if these days I’m only riding as a passenger. I guess, what I’m trying to say is, if you’re here to gain knowledge on motorcycles, you’re in the wrong place. If what you’re after is sharing in our adventures.. mishaps, cooking failures & tales of my epic ways to be clumsy, this is a good place to rest.

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