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seeing double

For years, Panagiotis was hooked on KTM. HOOKED. Even our shower curtain has the KTM logo on it, as does his favourite coffee mug (& the man loves his coffee).

Some time in the last 6 months though, who knows, something inside him clicked & he decided that since he was maturing a little, maybe it was time for his taste in bikes to mature along with him. Or maybe it was his koubara, Nikos, who had that influence. No one will ever truly know. Nikos has been a BMW lover for years. Had the older 1200GS Adventure. Upgraded (& downgraded) to the new F800GS… & then realised he was used to more machine & traded it in immediately for the new 1200GS. & Panagiotis & I… well, with heavy hearts he sold the KTM 990R & we gleefully moved on up & also got the 1200GS. It’s amazing. My arse is truly thankful.

The first time I saw the bike I kind of stared at it… with a morbid & slightly horrified curiosity. It was huge in the front! & I do mean huge. Compared to the leak & slender frame of the KTM, it was a mammoth. Then again, if I’m being completely honest, I thought the KTM was hideous the first time I saw it too. All that changes after the first ride though. Once I had that first ride on the BMW… I was in love. Completely & utterly smitten. The best thing I can compare this too (& I say this with the utmost respect) is a black woman’s ass. You know, the really big round ones. At first glance it’s all big & in your face… but once you see what they (the women) can do.. the motion & control.. dance moves I couldn’t do in a million years even if I practised every day for an hour… a respect & amazement washes over you. It’s the same with the bike. It’s big & loud & in your face. It looks like a beast. & then you get on it & it’s as graceful as a ballerina & as deadly as a wasp. That’s exactly what it looks like from above, a wasp. I don’t know how many more ways I can tell you I’m in love with a machine.

I think I’ve gotten off topic though. Completely. What I had started out wanting to say was, the boys (Nikos & Panagiotis) both have their new bikes & we took our first trip together. Nafplio. Not miles & miles away, but enough to get a good fix for the afternoon.

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