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fresh & creamy mango sorbet

fresh & creamy mango sorbet

I am sometimes guilty of impulse shopping.

I'll be perusing the isles of an unfamiliar grocery store, & out of the corner of my eye I'll spot something intriguing.

With absolutely no power of control over myself, I end up buying it, stashing the pilfered item in a dark cupboard so no one knows of my weakness, & then forgetting all about it.

fresh & creamy mango sorbet

The reason I’m telling you this, is that for a while now I have been eyeing a container that is supposedly filled with 100% pure, organic, mango puree. No additives. No sugar.

Just mango. Sweet, sweet mango from the Philippines.

As luck would have it, It had on month left on the count down before complete & total destruction. Ok, not destruction, just expiration. So, I took it & did the best thing I could considering the sunny, warm weather that has been gracing us with its presence.


Can I get an “Oooooh YEA!”


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Ingredients: – 250ml water – 200g sugar – 3 egg whites – 500ml mango puree

Directions: 1. combine the water & sugar in a small pot & bring to a boil over medium heat. Continue to boil until the syrup has reached soft-ball stage (115C), it is best to use a candy thermometer for this. It will take approx 30-45 minutes. Do not stir the syrup at any point! Remove from the heat & use immediately [explained in next step]. 2. whilst the sugar is boiling, whip your egg whites to soft peak consistency in a heat proof bowl. Set aside until the sugar is ready. Once the sugar syrup is ready, start to drizzle it into the egg whites in a very slow, thin, steady stream. Whilst you’re drizzling it in, beat the egg whites. You should see that they start to thicken into this beautiful, glossy texture. Once all the sugar has been added, continue to beat the egg whites until they have cooled down to room temperature. 3. pour the mango puree into your whipped egg white mix & fold them in gently. At this point, you do not need to completely blend the two, it is perfectly fine if there are several large chunks of meringue showing through the mango. Transfer the mix into the freezer at this point. Once an hour, the mix should be gently stirred a little, making sure to scrape down the edges of the bowl. The sorbet should be ready in about 4 hours. 4. spoon it into bowls & serve!

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