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everybody do the (banana) splits!

Banana Split, Honeyed Strawberry IceCream

I’m bringing back everybody’s childhood favorite when it comes to frozen desserts.

What you’re looking at right here is a not-so-traditional banana split done my way. By my way, I mean I started it from scratch by making some creamy honeyed-strawberry ice-cream…. covered it in my version of chocolate magic shell (which by all accounts can be healthy since it’s just dark chocolate & coconut butter)… & then sprinkled some pistachio-nut-brittle over it. It’s not simple, it’s not over the top either, but it is extremely delicious.

There’s no way I’m sharing this with any children though. Let’s be honest, I’m not sharing at all.

Oddly, I’m ok with that.

Hey, no judgment please.

Just because I’m sitting here with a giant bowl in my hand wearing a tank top that is color coordinated to match the ice-cream does not mean I have reverted back to being a child. It doesn’t mean anything at all.

Yes, you could just go out & buy all the components ready made & then just assemble it at home. Or alternatively you could go to an ice-cream parlor & have them make it for you….. better yet, do it my way. Not going to lie, my way is better.

Ingredients, chocolate shell: – 125g dark chocolate, 70%+ – 100ml coconut butter

Directions, chocolate shell: 1. finely chop the chocolate & place it in a heat proof bowl along with the coconut butter. Melt the two together & remove from the heat. Allow it to cool to room temperature before attempting to pour it over your ice-cream. If it hardens too much, just reheat it a little to get it liquidy again.


Ingredients, candied pistachios: – 60g, raw, shelled pistachios – 70g sugar

Directions, candied pistachios: 1. preheat the oven to 140°C & toast the pistachios for 15 minutes. 2. put the sugar in a large, heavy bottomed saucepan & bring the heat to medium-high, give the pan a little shake to distribute the sugar in an even layer. Absolutely do NOT stir the sugar at any point in time. Slowly slowly, you will see the sugar start to turn a light amber colour & then quickly start to turn darker. Keep a close eye on it & when it goes a nice dark golden colour & you can no longer see any grains of sugar, tip in the nuts & give them a quick stir. Pour the nuts onto a parchment lined surface & allow them to cool before chopping.


Ingredients, honeyed strawberry ice cream: – 750ml heavy cream – 250ml full fat milk – 120ml honey – 1 vanilla bean, sliced down the middle – 400g condensed milk – 0.25tsp salt – 400g fresh strawberries, washed & hulled – 1 tsp strawberry extract

Directions, ice cream: 1. combine the cream, milk, sugar, honey & vanilla bean in a pot & bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Remove from the heat & allow the vanilla bean to steep in the mixture for half an hour. 2. remove the vanilla bean & scrape the seeds out with a knife & transfer them into the cream. Add the condensed milk & salt to the mixture as well. 3. use a food processor to finely dice the strawberries & then transfer them to the cream mixture along with the strawberry extract. Transfer the mix to a container & place in the freezer, make sure to remove it once every 15 to 30 minutes to give it a good, vigorous stir & really scrape down the edges in order to keep it creamy. Alternatively, you can use a hand mixer. Continue on checking it periodically until it is ready, this should take 2-4 hours depending on how much you’ve made.


Ingredients, banana split: – 1 large, ripe banana – 3 scoops strawberry ice-cream – a drizzle of chocolate shell sauce – a sprinkle of caramelized, chopped pistachios – 3 maraschino cherries

Directions, banana split: 1. slice the banana in half lengthwise & place in a bowl. Place three scoops of ice-cream between the slices, drizzle chocolate sauce over, sprinkle with nuts, top with cherries & ENJOY!

Tips: *** when liquids freeze, they form ice crystals. A good vigorous stir will ensure to break up as many of the crystals as you can to ensure a nice, smooth, creamy freeze. ***


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