There are two of us... There's me (Lauren-Nicole), I'm the main one on social media posting pictures & driving people crazy. I also happen to be a chef, hence the "baking" part of 'Bikes & Baking'. & then there's my husband (Panagiotis). He takes over planning our routes, making sure I'm safe, & finding new ways to push me to my limits so I become a better rider.

We started this whole thing as a way to document our travels so that we'd have something to look back on when we're old, senile, & incapable of riding. You know, to re-live the glory days... but for us it's ended up being so much more. It's the adventure of our lives & a way to share that with likeminded people. 

This also happens to be the place where i drum up new business & ply people cakes, cookies, & anything else they desire.


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